Case study; an iPad app design for a shopping store.


A sports garments store based out of Mumbai. Their main target is to provide a next generation shopping experience to their clients.

The Brief

They approached us for their recently opened branch in Bandra where they wanted to provide their clients with an unique shopping experience; wherein each of the customers will be provided with a tablet. In which they can choose and select any category they are looking for, and also go for customisation (If Needed).

  1. Target group age-22 to 40 years
  2. User friendly software to choose category
  3. Simple, thus user does not get lost.
  4. Customisation of the selected product.
  5. Keep WORLD CUP in mind.

The Challenge

Before we started we gave plenty of time to analyse their business and what exactly their needs are. In that process we spend a most of the time with their marketing guy who exactly break down the target audience and market they are targeting. Based on that we prepared our strategy.

The idea and the business strategy was quite impressive and self-explanatory. 17% Profit was needed to sustain their business; then expansion.

Competitive analysis and market research.

Due to constrains of time we skipped — Competitive analysis and did a little less market research.

User Research

We prepared some set of questions for some potaintial users and some random people to gather their pain points.

( Among which 2 are below )

Arnab Dey — 23

Civil Engineer

Arnab isa civil engineer who’s first passion is sports. He is a big fan of Real -Madrid.

His normal day starts with a phone call from the delivery person and ends with he returning some product. He loves to be in trend; that is the reason he shops a lot.

It might be great if you can keep a good balance of customisation and the time of delivery

Dharmesh Patel — 29

Gym Owner

Dharmesh owns a gym near Chandivily, Mumbai; which is always crowed.

His day starts with working out and ends with watching TV with his family. He has a wife and a one year old child which keeps him busy all the time.

If a person like me; who hates shopping can enjoy it, then it really be a good app

User Journey

With user research we derived a certain no of flows by which a user might shop.

one of the flow

Site Map

Based on the results, we created a rough site map to pin point all the interactions, entry points and functionalities.

Due to NDA we can not disclose the functionalities of the app.


Based on our target audience and brand identity we defined some colors; which will go with the band and fulfil all its requirements.


The selection of font was the only easy thing we did. As the brand is more of sports we went for “ BOLD and STUBERN “ fonts.


Yes like all others we also had created wireframes for the same but as we were lacking in time; the wireframes were done in pen and paper only. UI designs were designs were directly created few of them has been shown.

Product customisation page
Process pages
Landing page
Categories page
product selection page


After all this efforts we finally were able to deliver this app to the end users and the reactions were surprisingly amazing.

“ He did an excellent job it was more of an experience working with Him. Your ideas and imagination is seriously commendable . “

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