Case study for a Racing Car Dashboard & Mobile App


When the brand first came to me; I was pretty sure it was going to be a simple race monitoring app, but no they put some light on the thought process and it turned out to be one of the challenging thing I had ever faced. They were quite sure about their idea.

The Brief

The main thought was “ We need to avoid accidents in or out of racing tracks “. The design needs to be made for two platforms; First is for the dashboard of the racing cars, and the other one is for the mobiles.

  1. Record the statistics of the car to know the condition of the vehicle
  2. Record the statistics of the drivers also thus accidents can be avoided and certain actions can be initiated.- Keep WORLD CUP in mind.
  3. In a race event, tracking the vehicle and getting to know the position and status of the team

The Challenge

Like other projects even here our main challenge was to understand the process, as we had never done anything for racing cars.

He CTO of the company certainly helped us a lot in respect to learn and understand the sector which we were about to cater. We spend almost 4 days with the CTO, 2 days with the races and their respective manager.

User Research

In user research we targeted two type of people one who is racing and one who is in tension seeing the racer racing; these two completes our entire target audience actually.

( Among which 2 are below )

Akshay Verma — 37

Team manager

Akshay,37, an ex- racer, now managing one of the biggest racing team in India.

Swati Nawani, his wife. Akshay starts his day with his cell phone. He is well versed with the app and new interactions; which is a little surprising for us.He loves to go out for dinners and outings with his beloved.

It is very important for a driver to get to know the positions of other drivers to evade any crashes.

Rewati Raman — 23

Motorcar racer

Rewati is 23, started his racing carrier 2 years ago. Now he is managed by Akshay himself. Rewait is a peripatetic.

He is an Electronics and telecommunication graduate , and well aware of the latest technologies.

It really will be good if my race team gets to know my healt status; the time i am driving.

User Journey

With user research we derived a certain no of flows by which a user might shop.

One of the flows

Site Map

Based on the results, we created a rough site map to pin point all the interactions, entry points and functionalities.

Site map for car dashboard
site map for mobile


Based on our target audience and brand identity we defined some colors; which will go with the band and fulfil all its requirements.


Fonts was one of the critical thing to chose as we were serving a very abstract kind of a sector which it self is so bold that it dosen’t seek for any explanation.


The hardest part was not only understanding this complex model but also implementing it both in Car Dashboard and Mobile App.


The smile on project managers face was the greatest reward.

“ You’ve hit the nail in the head there! Can’t stress how crucial this is! A lot of times people think fancy means nice but actually is the opposite! It should be functional first! “

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