Case study for a finance dashboard.


A simple finance website and simpler CRM portal to maintain all your finance stuff. With simple interface we are trying to solve the problems of the people who simply gets scared with the word FINANCE and LEGAL


The only instruction which was given to us was : We are different and we do not want any of the professional businesses. Our target is the youth who does not understand finance and scared of legal terms.

  • It should be funky and vibrant
  • Target audience is 20–30 year old youth
  • The CRM portal should be very simple and be like some social media websites which the current youth are very used to with
  • Minimal and invisible interactions


The market they are targeting is undoubtingly tough as we ourself is one of those people who gets scared with the term FINANCE and LEGAL. The CEO made us understand how actually the finance market works. It took us 2 whole weeks to understand how small and deep project we have stepped into but the outcome was really superb. We understood why actually everybody is afraid of this and how we can solve this. The legal and financial things are really interesting once you follow a few simple things, hence we started the project.


We interviewed many persons to find out their problems.Few are mentioned below.

Prashant Kumar Dey: “ Finance, don’t where all my money went ! ”

Harun Patel : “ I have my CA to worry about my finance things; I don’t care.“

User journey

  • User reaches the landing page and logs in or signs up
  • Chooses a plan
  • Based on the plan selected he will be able to use the product
  • He will be taken to his dashboard where he can see his status
  • Updates his profile
  • Set’s financial goals
  • Creates financial or legal documents
  • Fills in a little interactive form
  • And he is good to go.


AS we were targeting a very young user group, the colors are kept very bright and vibrant.


Skipping to the fonts we decided to go for some little funky but heavy duty fonts.


Yes, we started with wire-framing only and ended up creating near about 60+ UIs . Due to the NDA signed with the company only a few public screens are shown below.


We earned a lot of bulks :P.

And the response we received was;

“ Vaibhav is a very sensible person. Always available to chat, always explaining what and why and how what can be improved. It was pleasure working with him”

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