Case study for a headphone company.


Do you like music and are you tired of losing your bluetooth earphone or headset. We have introduced GPS in our accessories also. Now no body needs to worry about their headphones. Even if you lose it; we will guide you. Listening to music will be ease.


The brand came up for the launch of their new product; and they were planning to create a separate app also for their upcoming products with which a user can easily locate their headset, customise it and get to use it at its full potential.

  • A micro website to launch their current product
  • It has to be appealing to the age group of 22–40 years
  • The website should be professional and should have a charm.
  • The app should be very minimalistic
  • Use very less colors.
  • Smooth and minimum interactions.


I was really excited because the problem they are solving is one of the problems I face everyday. They send us 3 of their new products so that we can dive deep into their thought process and make necessary design, which actually is commendable. We spend 3 days with the designers and the testers following which we tested the product for 4 days. This process defiantly gave us a good understanding of their product and their process by which we understood their advantage and their competitors’.


We spend a lot time to see what actually is happening in the market and how others are catering to this problem, based on which we found their competitors and how we can solve them.

The results were :

  1. We needed a buzzer for for the product.
  2. A alarm will be triggered if one piece is getting far away form the other one ( in case of ear pods )
  3. A simple interface is needed to find and use the product for for both headphones and ear-pods.

User Personas

For persona we actually connected with different types of people-corporate, peripatetic, photographers etc.

A few responses were;

Anurag Mishra : “ Damn, I just had to order a single piece of air-bud wish apple also adapts to this functionality.”

Avinash Singh : “ Sounds crazy expensive to me but yes this will make a difference. “

User Journey

  • User Goes to the brand website
  • Orders a product
  • Scans a QR code on the delivered product
  • Downloads the app
  • Connect it to his/ her product via bluetooth
  • Uses it.
  • If lost then just turns the find option
  • The app will show the direction of the product or if the user wants it can also alert the device.


As we were catering a very mixed user group, hence we decided to go for some subtle colors with a few bright colors to get the focus where needed.


Same for fonts we have kept some subtle and bold fonts which will not disturb the user but can also catch their attention when needed.


Landing page for the products, screens for tablet and mobile app are shown below, we have not included the wireframes for the same.


People really appreciated the approach and the sale for the first day was more than 300. This happens to be one of the most successful project we did in the year 2018.

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